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Marsovská Firdarie

Durgadevi | 21.9.2020 09:50
Uvědomila jsem si, že v červnu 2020 mi začala Marsovská Firdarie, Mars mám v 8.domě svého horoskopu, v konjunkci s Uranem a v napětí na Neptun do 11.domu. Zároveň tranzitní Pluto mi prochází 2.domem horoskopu. zrovna v opozici na můj Mars. Kvůli epidemii a zpřísnění kontrol na hranicích ze Slovenskem vypadá to tak, že na Slovensko se nedostaneme, ať se stane cokoli. Ne že by se mi chtělo cestovat. Jak čtu v teorii, tranzit Pluto opozice Mars může se stát v rodině i úmrtí, Co mohu očekávat od Martovské Firdarie za těchto podmínek? Děkuji za názory.
dodo41 » Durgadevi | 21.9.2020 21:46
Text z interpretacii Solar Fire:

durgadevi - Natal Chart
21 Jun 1957, 17:20, CET -1:00
Brno Czech Republic, 49°N12', 016°E37'
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Placidus Houses, True Node

Planetary Period: Mars
From 21 Jun 2020 to 21 Jun 2021
Age 63,0yrs to 64,0yrs
You have just left the favourable rays of the planet Jupiter and entered into the planetary influence of the planet Mars. This feisty planet rules Mars rules individuality, independence, passion, courage, sports, vigour, aggression, survival and also sexuality. Therefore for the next seven years these traits will be more prominent in your life. It is time for a change of direction. The past decade has been a time of expanding your horizons through study, travel, teaching or other avenues that promote your well being. Now you need to consolidate on the past and actively pursue your ambitions. If you are on not careful then this could spark conflict if you push too hard or if others are not accustomed to you being assertive. You have a right to state your desires. As long as you act with integrity and are not too aggressive then your friend, colleagues and loved ones are likely to co-operate. Nevertheless beware the damage that can be wrought by those who are threatened by your newfound independence or who judge you lacking in uprightness.

If you are 32 then you are likely to enjoy hard work with an abundance of energy to apply to chosen tasks. Make sure that you don't overdo it. Otherwise you are likely to burn out. Tiredness or ill health are signals that you need to take time out for rest and recreation. A long journey may be beneficial, but not to dangerous parts of the world.

If you are 63 then you may be experiencing a new burst of energy as you retire from the work force and discover new ventures.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod The Sun
From 21 Jun 2021 to 21 Jun 2022
Age 64,0yrs to 65,0yrs
The time has come for you to reassess your goals.

If you are 33 then you may feel driven to achieve your personal goals or to shine in one area of your life. However, you need to proceed cautiously. Right now you have excess energy. It is important to focus on important matters without going overboard. If you do not consider other people then you may experience some difficulties during this period because you are alienating rather than inspiring those around you. If you try to push your way of doing things onto others, then those closest to you may withdraw their support. Try to consider other people and direct your energy into projects and plans that have a higher purpose than simply your personal ambitions. Then you will truly shine.

If you are 64 then you are also well advised to try to enlist the co-operation of others in order to fulfil your needs. You may value independence and freedom right now, but you won't always be so keen to enjoy your own company.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod Venus
From 21 Jun 2022 to 21 Jun 2023
Age 65,0yrs to 66,0yrs
It is time to discover your passion. On a daily basis this means that you are likely to seek simple pleasures such as listening to inspiring music, visiting art galleries or having fun with friends. On a more significant note, you can also now focus on deeper motivating forces. You may discover a talent, project or pastime that consumes you. This may have long reaching affects, changing your path in life as you reassess your options.

If you are 34 then you need to be wary of your sexual appetites. If you are happily married and enjoying an active sex life then your passions are inflamed and you are happy. However, if you are experiencing some frustration then you are very vulnerable to a sexual affair right now. If you are single then you may fall ardently in love during this period. If so, you need to ensure that your lover can fulfill more than your sexual needs. Right now excitement takes precedence, but this will pass. At the end of this phase you will need to make decisions so try to retain your emotional equilibrium. You are also well advised to see if you cannot ignite passion in another area of your life. Working hard to improve your income can be fruitful as long as you do not alienate others in the process. However, you may discover a passion for a cause or hobby that takes your life in a positive direction.

At 65 it is time for you to enjoy yourself. Your sexual appetite may suddenly increase surprising you and your partner or, if you are single, then you may pursue a romance. You are keen to share pleasure and games with other people, and yet also to take stock of your finances.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod Mercury
From 21 Jun 2023 to 20 Jun 2024
Age 66,0yrs to 67,0yrs
It is time to make some decisions regarding your life goals. What motivates you? Where do you want to be in a few years time? It is time to move forward, one step at a time. If you have difficulty concentrating on tasks at hand then employ someone to help you make decisions, because it is vital that you steadfastly, and not rashly, grow and progress. Any decisions made now are likely to involve or affect any prominent men in your life, as well as your own levels of energy. If you have been tired and despondent then perhaps you have lost the ability to take control of your own life. It is time to make some decisions, and then to take action. You need to assert your desires in order to make changes, without running roughshod over anyone else. Any area of your life that has settled into a pattern may be disrupted because you are changing your mind and moving forward. There may be some indecision, but once you make up your own mind then you are able to confidently assert your own thoughts and opinions. Make sure that you are not too impatient or too much of a hot head.

If you are 35 then you need to reassess your life goals in the light of your responsibilities to others. You may have a family to consider and therefore your decisions impact on those who depend on you. If you are too forceful then you are likely to alienate loved ones. On the other hand you are also seeing the past in a different light, and perhaps not a kind one. You may be impatient with your choices, and the choices of those closest to you. You need to exercise as much tolerance as possible and realize that these feelings are fleeting. You need to make changes, but there is plenty of time. Others may initially feel intimidated by your need to break free of limitations, but those who truly value you soon adjust.

At 66 you are being forced to make some adjustments in your life, to change your mind and to take a different road. This may be as serious as having to make some big lifestyle changes, or as simple as having to take up a project that demands your attention. Boredom is a signal that you need a new interest. Excessive worry about loved ones is also a sign that you need to find something that ignites your passion.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod The Moon
From 20 Jun 2024 to 21 Jun 2025
Age 67,0yrs to 68,0yrs
This could be an emotional time in your life. Strong feelings are likely to surface. These could be past hurts and resentments bubbling to the surface to be cleansed and discarded once and for all. Perhaps you are grieving a loss. Whatever the feelings it is important that you do not deny their existence. You currently have the ability to face these feelings and integrate them in order to move forward with your life. It is time for you to reassess your goals and take action to actively pursue interests and desires. If you have been putting other people's needs before your own then you may upset one or two loved ones (in particular any woman close to your heart). Nevertheless you do need to assert yourself and experience some more positive emotions such as excitement and joy. Patience and understanding may be in short supply right now, but these are the qualities that you need to apply to all of your relationships while moving forward with your own life. If you are feeling despondent then ask yourself the following questions, What would it take to spark my interest and, If I had no responsibilities what would I really enjoy doing right now? Whatever your age, take time out to pursue hobbies and pleasurable pastimes and the answers will soon come. Start with little things like a walk on the beach, reading a good book, flying a kite then move on to more social events such as joining a sports club or gym or enrolling in a special interest course. Then you will be ready to tackle the bigger changes that may be required in your life. Of course, the path may not be smooth but the satisfaction will be great if you face the truth that your feelings are uncovering.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod Saturn
From 21 Jun 2025 to 21 Jun 2026
Age 68,0yrs to 69,0yrs
Your role in life is changing. It is time to take things a little more seriously so that you can build on past successes, consolidate present plans and move forward in a realistic manner.

At 37 this may mean shouldering more responsibilities for family members - either children or aging parents. Alternatively you may feel the need to start planning for retirement. Until now you have been happy to work for your income and support your loved one's present needs, but now you see the need to plan for the future. In a man's chart this indicates a time during which you need to focus on your marriage, otherwise you can have strife from your wife. Parents need to take extra care of their sons, according to ancient astrologers. This is a time during which to keep a close watch over your children, if you have them. Right now you are building for the future by focusing on positive pursuits, rather than overly emphasizing your own personal ambitions, no matter how tempting.

At 68 you may be faced with tough decisions regarding the support systems in your life. If you are healthy and happy then you may need only to renovate your home, making it more comfortable for the rest of your life. However, it is also possible that your thoughts turn to finances, death, growing old, retirement villages and other such matters. This is not necessarily a negative situation. In fact you could find it satisfying to make such decisions, knowing that you are acting responsibly.

Planetary Period: Mars subperiod Jupiter
From 21 Jun 2026 to 21 Jun 2027
Age 69,0yrs to 70,0yrs
Having faced a few fears and sorted out your responsibilities in the last year, now it is a time to move forward with your goals, to reap some of the benefits of a job well done. Rash decisions are never wise, but you are ready to take some well-considered risks that help you grow.

At 38 a change of profession, job or a new course of study is beneficial during this period. You may travel for pleasure, revisit the past or move to a foreign country. If your responsibilities prevent you from taking off to distant shores then new hobbies or courses of study could be the answer. Studies taken during this period could change the course of your life. You need to listen to the parts of you that require adventure. Otherwise you could become very restless and perhaps even resentful of those who you feel are dragging you down. Assess your goals in the light of your responsibilities and take appropriate action to expand your horizons.

At 69 you may also benefit from any hobby or pastime that stimulates your mind, expanding your world view and helping you to see things from a different perspective. Travel may also broaden your horizons.

Whatever age, you are reaching the end of one cycle ready for a new and favourable one.
Durgadevi » dodo41 | 22.9.2020 09:24
Díky, já mám taky Solar Fire, ale kde jsou texty s takovými podrobnými interpretacemi?
dodo41 » Durgadevi | 22.9.2020 09:45
z menu Interprs rozbalit okno a tam je i Firdaria.

Tiez su tam texty k solarom a takisto k natal.
Solary je potreba najprv vyratat z menu Chart --> Return&ingress

lak » Durgadevi | 23.9.2020 01:11
Dobrá tema-THUMBSUP-

Poèítam horoskop... Počítam horoskop...